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Private Home Tutors - CANBERRA - North & South

If you live in Canberra and surrounding areas :-

NEW ! Currently we offer flexible ONLINE TUTORING where you can tutor students from your own home

Our Tutors are paid lesson by lesson by the student

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High School Tutors are needed for most subjects

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Infants and Primary School Tutors are needed

* Maths Tutors * English Tutors * OC * Selective Prep * NAPLAN *

How it works

We provide private home tutoring, where each student is tutored individually on a 1-to-1 basis usually of an afternoon or evening, weekdays or weekends. You go to the student's home.

You would be offered students in fairly close proximity to your home or workplace and then you arrange mutually convenient  lesson days and times with the student or parent personally.

When you are offered each student you will be informed of their particular requirements so you can choose to accept or reject any offers that are made to you. It is very flexible

Tutoring times  

Being school students, tutoring times are afternoons & evenings & weekends so this may suit you if you'd like just a few students or many students, depending on your timetable.

Our Rates?

Our rates are competitive. 

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