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  • We have a range of tutors to satisfy your needs
  • We consider your budget & child's requirements
  • Tutors visit your home, generally on a weekly basis
  • A tutor is selected to suit your requirements
  • You arrange lesson days and times with your tutor

Tutor rates are competitive. They vary depending on Tutors' qualifications.

Tutors are paid lesson by lesson each visit.

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We provide reliable and knowledgeable tutors for academic home tuition.

Our tutoring service is friendly. Rates are affordable and competitive.

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Then simply arrange the tutoring with your personal tutor over the telephone.

1 to 1 tuition add -  Tutors help with syllabus topics which the student is currently studying

here is no set tuition programme

Students need weekly revision of the specific topics covered at school

We cater not only for struggling students, but also those who excel.



      We offer home tutoring for:

      Preschool -  Infants - Primary - High School - HSC

      The subjects offered include:
      • Maths
      • English
      • Reading & Numeracy
      • Physics
      • Chemistry
      • Computing
      • Business Studies
      • Geography
      • History
      • Commerce
      • Some languages
      • Economics

      You simply book a tutor by calling the office in your area then arrange a mutually suitable day and time for tutoring lessons with the tutor direct, whom you pay lesson by lesson.

      The tuition is reactive.

      No set programme is in place so that the tutor can address the student's particular course concerns weekly.

      We have been operating for over 28 years.

      We have the experience and skill to select an appropriate tutor for your specific needs. 

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      Our tutors have been carefully selected according to our specific  requirements.

      Screening procedures are followed in compliance with State guidelines. 

      Our Tutors' qualifications vary:

      Tutors may be undergraduates, graduates or teachers.

      Each tutor is competent in their subject areas.

      The effectiveness of tuition depends on a Tutor's :
      • Subject knowledge
      • Their ability to impart knowledge; and
      • Their rapport with the student

      We provide obligation free quotes